My Friend

“I knew life had to change, when everything I seemed to do was difficult.”

I didn’t realize the rain was part of the journey and growth. My seeds of intention were planted. I had felt the warmth of the sun as success abundantly poured in but when the rain came, I was too weak to weather the storm.

The little things began to overwhelm me and it was far too difficult to handle it.




Better Days…

All it took was one decision for me to make the call and reach out for help. It was one simple decision in the right direction that started the momentum towards a different life.

Things don’t always have to be the way they are. Despite what you tell yourself, your do have options, you do have a choice to live better days than before. All it takes is one decision in a new direction.

Starting Over

2020 started out in a tailspin and by 2022, life had me paralyzed. I spent almost two years hiding in a state of fear and confusion about the world Around me.

Life had gone by so slow yet I couldn’t recall anything meaningful happening the past two years other than realization that my life would never be the same.

This blog is the means to the next phase in life. As I continue this journey, I leave behind the whispers of my soul to yours.

| namaste |