A Teenager's Answer to Life – "Chillax"

Gone are the days that children flip through a catalog and circle toys they want for Christmas. Instead, I find myself getting screenshots sent to my phone with pictures of what my teenage son wants for the holidays. My how things have changed! It would be easy for me to write about the void I … Continue reading A Teenager's Answer to Life – "Chillax"

Silent Battles

"My mask didn't fit too well today. " ~ A Soul Sister ~ Instantly, I knew exactly what she meant. Really, there was nothing more for her to say or explain. With just a few words, I knew what kind of day she was having and knew just what she needed to hear. "I'm sorry … Continue reading Silent Battles

A Quiet Meeting With Desperation

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them.”  ~Henry David Thoraeu~ I heard this saying when I was listening to one of my motivational videos. These two words triggered something inside me because they were a perfect description of what I was feeling at the time. There was an underlying struggle … Continue reading A Quiet Meeting With Desperation